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All in an Artwork

In a recent interaction with one of our participants, she drew this artwork followed by these words. “Society expects you to be as picture perfect as this flower. However I am human, I have my flaws, like these tiny legs.” Growing up she had eczema, resulting in cracky and ashy skin, especially on her legs…”Kids can be mean”, she added how she was bullied because of this condition and how it has affected her self confidence till date.

Then in addition her eyes, as beautiful and big as they are, have welled up with tears for a greater part of her life. Stuck in a loveless second try of marriage, all because of societal expectations, and pressure to remain in it from some of those close to her…”What will society say when you walk out of your marriage? A good daughter and role model in society is expected to endure in marriage and walking out of it, especially for the second time, brings shame to the family.”

After the exercise and interaction with other participants, wiping away the tears from her beautiful big eyes, and finally letting out a smile that beamed in the room, she concluded that her life will be transformed into a beautiful image of the flower with all her flaws. The path to finding happiness and fulfillment might be windy, but eventually as a flower I will bloom and shine.

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