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Mental Wellness

Expressive Writing Camps

Purple Hand Africa carries out Expressive Writing Camps, which are aimed at addressing issues to deal with our mental wellness as the LGBTQI+ community in Zimbabwe, together with allies or anyone identifying otherwise, who is keen on learning more about the LGBTQI+ community in the process.

Expressive Writing Camps are residential and are held in different parts of the country. Each camp brings together participants from a nationwide selection, who are of diverse gender and/or sexuality identities. For 5 days we come together in a safe and non judgemental, eco friendly space, where we can be vulnerable to each other, allowing us to do some self introspection and finding healing from past traumas or mental wellness strifes, through writing, art and participating in lively relevant discussions.


Humanising LGBTQI+ Narratives

Our Storytelling project seeks to humanise LGBTQI+ narratives. We collect stories based on lived experience by the Zimbabwean LGBTQI+ community and allies, based either in Zimbabwe or living in the diaspora. We collect stories in various forms, including written, audio and visual. This is aimed at creating a better awareness of the LGBTQI+ narratives, as diverse and colourful as humanly possible. The project serves in two forms as an advocacy and therapeutic tool. 

Skills Development Training


At the end of the day we strive for a holistic approach in our interventions. After ensuring a healthy mental wellbeing, to sustain the wellness one needs to be in a position where they are able to sustain themselves in an environmentally conscious way. 

Before embarking on this journey with us feel free to take sometime to fill in our Personal Development Plan and we will do our best to help you with either career advice or hopefully attaching you to a professional that can help you with steps towards achieving your goals.