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Ruangtup Kaeokamechun

PHA Team

I am a child media developer, artivist and also a founder of Hinghoy Noy an organization in Thailand. Growing up I was surrounded with questions about my sexuality, as I identify as a lesbian woman. The only place I found explanations was in books and the internet. After graduating in children’s literature I met many children and youth who feel alone in the darkness of taboos. I enjoy creating safe online platforms where people talk freely and LGBTQI+ people are afforded a chance to narrate their lived experiences. In addition, I also push for broader and easier access to diverse information on taboo topics anytime and anywhere

Kudzaishe Gwini


I have been an Accountant for more than 10 years and a Personal Care Worker for more than 6 years. I enjoy working in two different industries because it brings variety in what I do and also my thinking. I have a Masters in Business Administration, Bachelor in Accounting and a Certificate III in individual support. As a member of the LGBTIQ+ myself I enjoy advocating and supporting personal educational development for everyone in my community. I believe in being able to empower LGBTQI+ youth for them to be able to develop projects that can generate income in their safe space.