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International Day of Tolerance

“Tolerance is respect, acceptance, and appreciation of the rich diversity of our world’s cultures, our forms of expression and ways of being human.”

We had the pleasure of interviewing one of our colleague’s working in rural Manicaland. Their work offers services to rural Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans and Queer women (LBTQ) women.

He shares the hurdles he has had to face in getting his family to accept his relationship. Then challenges of being a trans man and a parent to a teenager son, whereby he is unable to attend some of his son’s school activities. This comes as a result of societal prejudices which end up compromising his child’s safety at school.

International Tolerance Day produces awareness about the harmful effects of intolerance and discrimination in society. Tolerance Day celebrations and activities involve the acts to abolish hates and enmities in societies.

This is also a golden opportunity for the fulfillment of laws regarding basic human rights such as injustice, minorities, discrimination and hate crimes.

To ensure a better tomorrow where people can be free to be themselves and are allowed to practise their parental rights and be allowed to perform their parental duties despite however they identify is a day that my colleague and many others long to experience someday.

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